Service Exchange (SEVA):

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Seva is an opportunity to participate in the retreat behind the scenes, meet new people, and be a part of the retreat on a deeper level.

We offer Seva opportunities in exchange for a discounted rate of $80.  Work-traders are expected to work up to 4 hours total. Hours may take place before, during, and/or after the retreat.  The Work Exchange team members are expected to show up on-time for all shifts and complete the expected tasks.  Work Exchange folks generally need to be at the center at 2pm March 24th to 5pm March 25th. If accepted into the program, you will then be able to confirm your commitment by paying the program fee of $80.

Positions will be filled on a first-come/first serve basis. 


Registration: Greet and check-in participants (1)

Welcome Crew: Help participants move luggage to their cabins and assist in lighting wood stove in cabins if needed (0)

Marketing Assistant: Make at least 8 fun, interesting, and engaging posts to social media.  Distribute 10-15 flyers throughout the Twin Cities. (0)

Kitchen Assistant: Help the kitchen manager with various kitchen tasks such as chopping, mixing, setting up food, etc (1)

Kitchen Clean-Up: Assist the kitchen manager in various tasks involved in cleaning up after a meal such as putting food away, wiping down tables, putting dishes in dishwasher, unpacking dishwasher, moving tables/benches, etc (0)

Photographer: Provide us with 10-15 edited professional photos from the event (including each workshop, group photo, grounds).  Edits complete by April 30th 2018 (1)

First Aid: Assist retreatants with first aid and/or herbal first aid. (0)

In addition to basic positions, SEVA team members may be asked to help with odd jobs that arise during the retreat.

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