Holding the Vision

There is something unique and magical that happens when we decide to carve out space and time in our lives to connect to our hearts, the rhythms of nature, amazing food, and people.

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Walking a new path….

At the School of Earth Medicine, we create events that spark joy, creativity, gratitude, and community—which ripple out into our relationships, work, and the way we move through the world all to nourish our communities and planet in a way our grandkids will be proud of.

School of Earth Medicine offers gatherings that weave together of Earth-Based practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, botanical medicine, reflection, and connection to nature.  By offering a variety of experiences, we encourage students to pay attention to the cause and effect of tools, practices, and techniques we teach—so participants can bring home what they find useful for cultivating vitality, happiness, abundance and compassion.

So Earth Medicine…What is it?


-On a gross level Earth Medicine is the joy we get from going outside and connecting with nature. Science has shown being outside is healing in many ways. It reduces stress, increases creativity, and produces serotonin (a “happy” brain chemical).

-On a more subtle level connecting to the Earth means connecting to that which nurtures us, or “mothers” us. Through connecting with the Earth the mind/body/heart is rewired often cultivating new degrees of resilience, confidence, and vitality for meeting the demands of living in this modern world.

-We are all made of Earth. Our cells are made from food that was grown from Earth. So in one way or another, by connecting to the Earth we are connecting to ourselves. Caring for the Earth circles back to caring for ourselves.

We welcome mothers, daughters, career women, changemakers, seekers, visionaries, caregivers, creatrixes, activists, artists—all of us together from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life to co-create something beautiful and ephemeral—something that leaves an imprint in our hearts and ripples through every part of our lives.

Guiding Values:


Authenticity: Honoring the beauty and messiness of the human experience. We practice being real and we hope you will too!


Connection: Connecting to the human experience, one another, the present moment, and the Earth with deep reverence through all aspects of our interactions and actions.


Sustainability: Honoring the beauty and abundance that the Earth provides and infusing wise action with our offerings.

About the Founder


Hey there! I’m Laura Adrian the founder of the School of Earth Medicine.  The intention of the school is to create a space for women to learn, laugh, and transform together—all while creating more harmony in our own lives, the Earth, and with those around us.

I’m a yogi, healer, spiritual teacher, and nature lover. I never thought that I would coordinate gatherings, but it makes sense that this emerged—my path has always been eclectic—deeply exploring ways of healing and awakening—and discovering the common threads that bring us together.

One of the paths I’ve explored extensively is Buddhism. The Buddhist center in my community said I was too eclectic to teach there and if I were to teach I’d have to drop all my other practices. This hurt deeply at the time (I’m never enough!!), but now I realize my strength is to CONNECT—to bring people and ideas together in creative ways. It would drive me crazy to settle down and focus on just one path.

There is good wisdom here: Trust in your gifts and strengths. Some things aren’t meant to be compromised. Sometimes closed doors bring clarity.

My wishes for the gatherings:

-Create space where women connect to each other, their hearts, and the Earth

-Support the realization we are all in this together (every single one of us!) and connect like-hearted women—that’s when the magic happens!

-Laugh and discover lightness and joy even through life’s challenges.

With love, gratitude, and humility,

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PS When you see me in person I might look serious or deep in thought, but really I’m probably just thinking about Kombucha. Just kidding (maybe). I love talking to people, so if you see me at a gathering come introduce yourself and say “hi!”