Thomasina Fisk

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Thomasina  is a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Women studies through the University of MN Duluth and is practiced in various forms of music and wellness modalities.  She is called to the power of sound through personal experience and training with the instruments.  

She holds space for her yoga students in Marine on St. Croix, MN.  Her teaching style focuses on the breath and quieting the mind.  Through gentle cuing she suggests that the practitioner hold the pose long enough to fully experience it in their body and connect with the breath. 

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Thomasina and her husband run a traveling Yoga and Sound studio called Radiant Source Yoga. You can find their sound meditation workshops and events at many of the studios in MN and Western WI.  

She uses sound as a component to bring the listener to a place where the body is relaxed and the mind is still. She suggests that this is the place where we are able to make an authentic connection with our true selves.  

She considers herself to be a guide and peer,  providing tools for each practitioner to awaken the teacher and healer within themselves.  

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Sacred Sound Journey

Come experience a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Feel a renewed sense of being truly alive!

The focus will be on 30 minutes of gentle yoga and breathwork followed by a full immersion into the rich sounds of the gong, singing bowls, shruti box and more. The sound portion will be about 1 hour and you will be resting in savasana or a comfortable seated pose. 

We will practice vocal toning with the shruti box and a vocal release at the full volume of the gong. The vocal component is optional but healing for those who enter into the space.  Energy moves with the voice.  

The sounds created by the instruments can provide the mind with a break from thinking patterns that may be contributing to stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. 

Allow the sounds and vibrations of the instruments to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you. Give yourself permission to create space for the new!