Kristina Mattson


Kristina Mattson is registered nurse, community organizer, and co-founder of Zero Waste Saint Paul. 

From a young age she knew she was a teacher, healer, and empath. Moving many, many times in her youth and attending more than 10 elementary schools cultivated Kristina's abilities to find connections easily and empathize with others. She can feel the energy of others and is often asked by complete strangers, if they know her from somewhere, or if they have met before. 

Kristina studied Buddhism, Humanism, and Shamanism in college and continues to integrate these philosophical practices in to her spiritual life. She deeply feels we are all connected through an interwoven energy. And has been privileged and honored to help over 100 people transition from Earthside to Spiritual side as a hospice nurse. 

In pursuit of becoming both a healer and educator, Kristina studied Nursing at Gustavus Adolphus College. She felt it was fate she was accepted into this particular program as one of her professors was a Reiki master and another a Board Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. While in nursing school she completed level 1 Reiki attunement , and Level 1 Healing touch classes,  Integrative nursing care was the focus of her degree, and she read many books and wrote many papers on aroma therapy, functional nutrition, and detoxification. Upon graduation she was voted the most "Holistic Nurse" by her nursing program. After graduation Kristina practiced hematology oncology nursing for over a decade. Over the years she was beat down and numbed to the allopathic medical model, but her intuitive spirit was reawakened after the natural birth of her first child 11 years ago. After which she was empowered and determined to reincorporate integrative and complementary modalities in her nursing practice, however 6 years ago she found the toxic nature of allopathic medicine too draining on her soul, listened to her intuition and stepped away to concentrate on her family and pursue a new path as healer and educator within her community. 

Kristina sees how the toxic burdens of our waste affects our spiritual, physical, and environmental health and strives to apply her nursing systems philosophy to waste reduction, and a reawakening of spirit, heart, and mind. 

Kristina resides in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Saint Paul with her husband, three children, and two guinea pigs. 

Sustainable Connections- Low Impact living workshop 

Connection to the Earth, daily habits, and sustainability.

How do we walk through life in this modern world?  What does caring about the Earth look and feel like as we move through our days…in our careers….with our families?  How does what and how we consume impact our own lives, future generations and the environment?  

In this interactive workshop we’ll explore all aspects of sustainable living.  Whether you’re brand new to the concept of sustainability or you’ve been actively engaged in the process, we’ll meet you where you’re at and explore challenges and opportunities of living in harmony with the Earth.  We’ll explore the background of the Zero Waste Movement and intentional consumerism and explore the question, "how then shall we live?”

****Each woman will leave the class with a kit and empowered to intentionality form new sustainable habits to decrease waste while reconnecting with themselves, others, and the Earth.****