Rhythms of Nature Dance

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Connection to the heart

Dance and movement practices create a space to bring energy back into the body, and when in community, connection with others. Dance your own way in a mindful, non-judgment and respectful manner; a heart opening and soul awakening experience; where we connect with our creativity, our authentic self and our bodies aliveness. in community.  

In this 90-minute free flow dance, we move to our own rhythm as we land in our bodies and out of our minds. This is present moment embodiment…awareness, feeling and sensation. We’ll dance to a variety of world music to energize our energy systems in an effortless presence and integrate our experience of being with stillness and all the places in between.

Lorri believes dance offers unlimited possibilities to transform our life. To dance is to love, to heal, to listen to our bodies wisdom and to shine our light to see the beauty in all.