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Registration is now CLOSED for this event.  Summer Solstice Gathering will be June 23rd/24th.  Stay connected by signing up for our newsletter here:

Settling into Sacred Space

Ready for a shift?  Maybe you're ready to let yourself really shine. Maybe you've been muddling in a problem or struggle. Or, you're on the verge of a breakthrough and you're looking for clarity and support.  Or...perhaps you know you're capable of more, you just don't know what the next step is.  

Ready? Good.  Because the world needs you.

It's easy to move through life on autopilot—most people do.  It takes courage to explore what you can do to live more fully yourself—and as a result bring more love, light, and peace into the world in ways that feel authentic and true for you.

In this retreat we'll explore the rhythms of nature, such as the egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly and as it relates to our own cycles.  The transformation process (the way we see it) isn't about rejecting who you are or trying to fix your imperfections.  It's about connecting to where you're at and seeing what areas in your life could be more spacious and fluid.  How could you be more you?  How are you clipping your own wings? How could you really let your genius flow?

Registration closes March 21st 11:59pm!

And we aim to do this in a way that is joyful, interesting, and empowering.

This event is inclusive to all generations, ethnicities, bodies, disabilities, and sexual orientations.  The event is substance free.

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The Rhythms of Nature Women's Gathering is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the process of transformation—wherever you are on your journey.  You'll have access to a full schedule of women led workshops designed specifically to support you on your path to releasing, nourishing, and expanding.  You'll also get to connect with like-minded and hearted women, eat delicious healthy food, all surrounded in a quiet natural setting. 

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Let's be perfectly clear. Spiritual growth isn't about becoming someone you're not.  It's about recognizing what is in the way of you expressing your innate brilliance.  This gathering embraces the sacred feminine as we walk the path of transformation together for the benefit of all.  We don't try to make anything happen—we simply create space that is supportive and see what unfolds. 

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Connect to the Transformative Power of Spring


This retreat takes place near the Spring Equinox, which can be seen as a powerful time to connect, reflect, nourish, and from a space of groundedness, renewal, abundance, and fearlessness, let your heart's intentions naturally unfold in your dreams, visions, and actions.  

Nature as a Teacher

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In this retreat, we tap into the power of the butterfly—a symbol, energy and archetype for transformation. Transformation isn't about dismissing who you currently are or falling into beliefs of "I'm not good enough," it's about letting go of what is in the way of you spreading your wings to soar.  Whether it be with mindset, lifestyle, business, embodiment, relationships, or spirituality, you can bring all of it to the cocoon of transformation.  While you can never force a shift to occur, you can certainly create a supportive environment for experiencing release, clarity, and transformation.


The caterpillar to butterfly shows us the basic map for transformation which can be applied to any aspect of your life. From egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, this women's gathering offers a supportive space to explore, rest, and bathe in each part of the transformation path.  

The first day of the retreat works with the concept of clearing, letting go and releasing what no longer serves.  We’ll offer a number of workshops for you to choose from that support these processes. The second day of the retreat we’ll practice aspects related to expanding, visioning, and deeply listening to the heart.  This is an opportunity to get clarity on direction, intention, and orientation.

Co-Create Your Retreat

While we do offer a schedule full of workshops and classes, we encourage you to soften into your own natural rhythm.  The workshops build on each other and they also stand alone, so you can feel guilt-free if you want some down-time to hike, journal, or reflect.  We'll also have activities available most of the time to explore at your own pace.

Nourishing from the Inside Out

We’ll offer vegetarian and vegan friendly meals cooked with organic and/or local ingredients. We can accommodate gluten free and dairy free as well as other dietary needs, just ask!

Being a Part of the Retreat

We offer the opportunity for you to join in on the retreat experience by helping with a mindful service job.  As you may know, it's the participants that make the retreat.  Service is an opportunity to add your pizzaz to the retreat, get to know people, and allow the group to benefit from the gift of you being you. Participants are invited to sign-up for a completely optional mindful service job at the retreat (usually 30-45 minutes over the course of the weekend).  If you'd like to be a larger part of the retreat check out our Work Exchange Application.

Created by Women....for Women

All aspects of the event from flyers to food were sourced in with an ecological mind with the love, energy, and care of women.

Accommodations and Amenities


The retreat takes place in the secluded group center at Baker Park Reserve in Maple Plain (about 30-40 mins from the Twin Cities). There are eight beautiful rustic cabins each with wood-burning stoves (with bundles of wood to stoke the fire) and a lodge. You'll have your own cabin tribe! Cabins have an open floor-plan with 8 beds. A shower is available in the lodge.

This is an intergenerational gathering.  We want to make the space accessible to as many as possible.  Please contact us if you have mobility concerns and we'll see if this retreat will work for you.


The lodge is the central meeting location for workshops and meals.  It is heated and contains bathrooms, running water, and one private shower.

The property is secluded and you’ll have access to miles of hiking trails.

The Nitty Gritty 

Check-In 3-3:45pm Saturday March 24th

Check-Out 4:30pm Sunday March 25th

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To register click on the link here.  You should receive a payment confirmation and welcome email shortly after.  Expect a couple emails from us leading up to the event with any updates and reminders.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of the event, all sales are final.  If you need to cancel, you may transfer your ticket to another person OR transfer funds ($25 processing fee) to another program with the School of Earth Medicine within 1 calendar year from date of purchase.  No transfers can be made after March 18th.