Live Your BEST Life

Connection to heart, purpose, and the moment.

What’s your average day feel like? Is your body optimal, vital, and radiant? Do you love your career? Are you filled with abundant inspiration, motivation, and positive energy? Do you have deep peace in your mind? Are you thriving? …or just getting by?

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For many people, it’s so easy to fall into a rhythm of loneliness, depression, fatigue, anxiety, or lethargy.  So many people have habitual patterns of day-in and day-out. You may already practice yoga, and meditate, and eat well. And yet. We attach to sensory pleasures. We get lazy. We get bored. We feel lost.

What are your wildest dreams like? Like, the big ones? The ones that scare you. That feel unreachable. Can you imagine the potential of those wildest dreams being dwarfed by reality? What does it feel like when you are REALLY inspired and in the height of passion?

Limitless joy. I want this feeling for you. Not sometimes. But all the time.

There is no other you. You are unique and irreplaceable. Which is why there is absolutely no time to waste. The world is waiting for you. The world is waiting for you to step into your highest frequency, most optimal expression. Your highest calling. Your purpose. Your passions. Your deepest desires.

The group work I do helps to facilitate a shift in your entire being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I help you to wake up each morning with a huge smile on your face, OVERJOYED at the day in front of you, and MOTIVATED for your best life ever. It will be a re-calibration of sorts. A gateway into a new paradigm.

Our group coaching session will give you permission to embody your deepest joys, and manifest your sweetest desires.

You will leave feeling energized, refreshed, and inspired! Together we will explore conscious awareness, meditation, positive affirmations, and deep, powerful work to establish the life you’ve been dreaming of. To pull your passions into reality. So that every moment is gratitude and bliss.

Bring a pen, a journal, and a talisman of sorts (crystal, feather, acorn, stone etc.) that inspires you.

Partner Thai Yoga Massage

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Learn easy an effective tools to relieve your loved ones tired back, feet, shoulders, and neck. Connect heart to heart through this wonderful healing modality. 

This workshop will teach you a simple, easy sequence of techniques in traditional Thai style massage. Thai Bodywork has been used for millennia to treat a wide variety of ailments and balances the body’s energies in a good way. Leave feeing relaxed, energized, and deeply grounded. 

Wear loose clothing. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow. No experience necessary!