Laura Adrian 


Laura Adrian is a multi-modal healer, spiritual explorer, and forever a student of life. Her aim is to support people on their paths to uncover their power and passion through practices that are non-harming, empowering, and fun. Laura has training in yoga, CranioSacral Therapy, EnergyWork, EarthWork and mindfulness meditation. You can find her at Laura is also the founding human being of The School of Earth Medicine.

Opening Ceremony

Change is a part of life.  To live in our full power we must learn how to embrace all the rhythms…seasons of nature and life.  From grief and loss to stillness and spaciousness to spark something new to a goal or dream in full fruition—these are the core rhythms of nature.  We can run from these or roll with these.  As we practice rolling with these aspects of life and nature, we’re less afraid and learn to live in fuller ways.  We see ups and downs as part of life and we learn to meet life where its at instead of feeling oppressed by life.  Through this process a new confidence and fearlessness emerges—we’re less afraid of showing up in the world with all our strengths and gifts.  We’re also more resilient and more adaptable in times of grief and loss.  This ceremony is also a healing to release what’s old, appreciate what’s beautiful and open to new beginnings.

Healing with the Earth

Circle Earth.png

In this workshop you’ll learn simple, yet powerful practices to cultivate clarity, reduce anxiety, and spark new truths by working with the energy of the Earth. This is also a remembering that we all come from the Earth, and we depend on the Earth for food, water and shelter. In our modern culture we tend to spend less time outside and we’re collectively less connected to the rhythms of the Earth. Through this workshop, we’ll reconnect to the Earth energetically which can create big and small ripples through all aspects of our lives from relationships to parenting to being of service.

Rooting to Rise: Wisdom of Trees—Closing Ceremony

laura circle tree.png

What does it mean to be a spiritual being living here on Earth?  What does that look like?  How do we make a living, take care of our families, nurture our spirit while moving through the day?  How do we meet the suffering in this world and social injustices?  To answer these questions we can learn from the trees—which are both grounded in soil and tall, sturdy and expansive. The magic lies within the balance of being rooted as well as open and the heart is where these two meet.  In the closing ceremony we’ll bring everything together by exploring the wild nature of living from the heart.