Sensitive AND Strong: Claim Your Power Workshop with Break-Through Experience!

with Dr Kyra Mesich

In the first half of this event, we’ll bust the following myths about sensitivity: Sensitivity is a weakness: WRONG. Being sensitive means I’ll always feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable: NOT SO! I just have to put up with feeling drained and exhausted by other people's energy: FALSE.  Being sensitive isn’t normal: TRUE. IT’S BETTER!

Then, in part two, we’ll BREAK-THROUGH  whatever it is that is getting in the way of your ability to FULLY CLAIM YOUR PERSONAL POWER with a safe, easy, yet invigoratingly life-changing board-breaking experience! Take your board home as a reminder of the powerful shifts you created.

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Earth-Centered Tree Medicine

with Lisa Pugh

Connect to our roots and intuition through ceremony and practice with tree medicine. This workshop will include an introduction to creating healing space through ritual, meditation, and reflection as well as explore several folk remedies using parts of native trees. This is a hands-on workshop with the option to create your own remedy. Please
bring a journal, something to sit on, and $5 supply fee if you wish to take home your creation.

Coming to Holy Ground with Your Female Body with Susanna McCann

For centuries in patriarchal cultures of both east and west, women have been alienated from their full power through shaming of the female body—and deep ambivalence about female sexuality.  Few women escape without some degree of internalized misogyny and “clipped wings.”

In Part 1 of this workshop (Friday morning), you will learn a powerful healing process rooted in Taoist Qi Gong and shamanic practice that enlivens and integrates heart, mind, and body.  We will explore and understand the “masculine” and “feminine” aspects of our human energy system and how to heal the deep-seated distortions created by long-term patriarchal valuing of the “masculine” over the “feminine.”  

In Part 2 (Saturday afternoon), we will apply what we learned in Session I to guided self-healing processes for each of the female organs (breasts, ovaries, womb, vulva, vagina/ yoni). Journeying through the deep terrain of your female body, you are awakened to the Nature of your body as Holy Ground.

This utterly breaks the spell of culturally imposed “body image” issues, and you emerge with a very powerful place to stand as the sovereign of your own body and your own life!

You also emerge with a powerful modality for continued multidimensional sexual healing—a crucial key to feeling deeply at Home in your body, with unshakable confidence in your dharmic authority as a woman.

Bring a mat, pillow(s), sheet and/or blanket(s) to create a private, comfortable nest for your journey!

Naming the Moons: Living by the Cycles of the Moon, Sun, and Earth. with Megan McGuire

This class will set you on the path of living in cyclic sacred time. We will explore the many names of the thirteen moons and eight solar holy days that form the wheel of the year. We will weave personal gnosis with ancient traditions to spin our own stories and myths about the seasons and lunar cycles. By reclaiming the magic of cyclic time, we will root into the medicine of the earth. Some of the cultures we will reference are Celtic, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Finnish, German, Ojibwe, and Dakota. The class will include time for individual exploration and journaling as well as group discussion. The practices learned in this class can be the basis for personal and community celebration of earth rhythms throughout the year. 

Healing with the Earth with Laura Adrian

In this workshop you’ll learn simple, yet powerful practices to cultivate clarity, reduce anxiety, and spark new truths by working with the energy of the Earth. This is also a remembering that we all come from the Earth, and we depend on the Earth for food, water and shelter. In our modern culture we tend to spend less time outside and we’re collectively less connected to the rhythms of the Earth. Through this workshop, we’ll reconnect to the Earth energetically which can create big and small ripples through all aspects of our lives from relationships to parenting to being of service.

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Yoga & Sound Bath with Thomasina Hale Fisk

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Come experience a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Feel a renewed sense of being truly alive! The focus will be on 30 minutes of gentle yoga and breathwork followed by a full immersion into the rich sounds of the gong, singing bowls, shruti box and more. The sound portion will be about 1 hour and you will be resting in savasana or a comfortable seated pose. We will practice vocal toning and a vocal release at the full volume of the gong. The vocal component is optional and can be particularly healing for women who desire to "free" their voice and speak their truth. Energy moves with the voice.  The sounds created by the instruments can provide the mind with a break from thinking patterns that may be contributing to stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. 
Allow the sounds and vibrations of the instruments to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you. Give yourself permission to create space for the new! 

Fire-Centered Self-Love Exploration with Lisa Pugh

Connect to the Solar Plexus and Heart Center through fire-building, guided meditation, reflection, and ceremony. Fire is the element of growth and transformation. Like our own energy, it can be warm and give light and heat to cook with; it can also be impulsive, fragile, or even dangerous. When we learn how to build, nurture, and sustain fire, we can harness that creative power to feed ourselves and the world. This is a hands-on workshop where we go deep within and use literal and metaphorical fire to see and spread the light and power of Self-Love. Please bring a journal and something to sit on.

SISTERHOOD + the SACRED MIRROR with Portia Richardson

Join us for a reflective look into the sacred mirror of sisterhood. What do we see when we look around the circle of our sisters? What do we feel in the presence of powerful, beautiful, creative women? Hint – it might not always feel so great. It may be triggering and invoke feelings of envy, judgement, and competition. This is our collective feminine shadow speaking to us!

This workshop is all about giving her a voice. We will explore her role in helping us discover our greatest gifts as women. We will ask: Where does she come from? What can she teach us? How is she an opening to deepen our connection to ourselves and each other? How is she an ally who can help us learn to honor our power as women? Are we ready to see things how they truly are? Are we ready to look honestly in our own mirror? And what happens next?

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Spiritual Flower Bathing with Megan McGuire

Sunlight and air alchemize flowers and water into a magical elixir. There is something deeply healing about gathering with women to honor and celebrate our sacred bodies. We will bathe each other with flower essences, massage with herbal body oil, and practice deep relaxation through guided somatic meditation. We will practice womb connection and listen to our bodies' wisdom. What is coming into fertility? What is ready to be birthed? What needs to gestitate further? What is ready to shed and release? This class will be a gentle and supported experience in body and spirit healing. 

Woman, Menstruation & the Moon with Alison von Brown

    Representing the yin energy on the planet, the moon and her cycles hold a direct and symbolic connection to the feminine. The beginning of this workshop will explore this deep kinship both in a scientific and cultural context with plenty of support documents to take home for further exploration.  Primarily this workshop will explain how we can use our own life and menstruation cycles to hold potent personal ceremonies that have the power to heal, transform and protect our deepest intentions.  A Despacho ceremony will be performed where we will create a mandala which will hold our prayers, intentions and offerings to mother the Earth in order to grow roots in each of our lives and the collective consciousness.  As a participant, you are invited to bring full dried basil leaves for kintus (prayers) and spiritual items like malas / crystals.

Constellation of Intention with Loey Colebeck

Constellation work is a powerful, embodied method that helps untangle root causes of persistent symptoms and patterns. This deeply moving work helps reveal, and heal, inhibiting survival strategies and belief systems that are based in early hidden trauma which may be personal and/or ancestral (epi-genetic). These beliefs, such as feeling unworthy, are very common in the human experience. So, doing this work in a group provides a loving container where all participants, even observers, receive healing through their compassionate support and mirrored reflections. We use the explorer's sentence of intention is used to safely allow access to manageable amounts of healing.

Shamanic Journey to the Womb of Mother Earth

with Dr Kyra Mesich

Feel more grounded than you ever have in this profound shamanic experience. We'll call in the four elements, sing our power songs, and journey to the depths of Mother Earth where we will enter the womb of feminine, creative power. Receive messages and energetic gifts to bring back into your day to day life.

Bring a yoga mat, sleeping bag, or towel to lie down for the meditative journey.


Water-Centered River Hike with Lisa Pugh

Join this workshop to connect with the creative energy center of the sacrum and expressive energy center of the throat. We will take to the hiking trails and follow the river, letting her guide our conversations and reflections. We will explore the feminine gifts and strengths associated with water and learn about some of the plants that grow along the river. We will practice release through water-based ritual and tap into our own creative potential using guided reflection.

The Powerful Rise of the Divine Feminine in YOU

with Dr Kyra Mesich

Is it time for you to feel empowered, respected, and honored in the many roles you embody as a woman? Join us in this very special empowerment circle: A circle of us as women, nature in the form of flowers, and the energy of Goddess, the divine feminine.

Dr Kyra makes her line of herbal remedies through co-creation with nature.. Sweet Violet was the first flower essence she made this season, and it is profound! Message from Sweet Violet: “Feel the power of the divine feminine coursing through you, and stand strong knowing the beauty of the light of your Goddess self will not be dimmed ever again.” And that’s just the beginning of what Sweet Violet has to say!

Come learn to talk to the plants, and join in a meditation with Sweet Violet! She’ll have a message just for our group!

Flower Essences with Loey Colebeck

Flower essences can be supportive catalysts in transforming suffering into mental/physical/spiritual health. This class is an opportunity to learn how using flower essences to heal sexuality/sensuality from a Taoist perspective allows access to greater vitality, inner strength and life purpose. Participants will also have the fun opportunity to try a flower essence remedy together as a group.


Healing the Motherline: Ancestral Connection and the Feminine Divine  with Megan McGuire

At the base of Yggdrasil, the world tree,  three giantesses spin the web of wyrd. These are the Norns, who guard the secrets of the runes and spin the threads of fate. This is one of many ancient European stories of goddeses, blessed clan mothers, and feminine spirits of sacred springs. After many centuries of patriarchy, witch burnings, and colonialism, stories of the feminine divine were largely lost from cultural memory and people became disconnected from the land. In this class we will reclaim some of these ancient stories and reweave our connection to the motherline--our female ancestors and feminine spiritual traditions. We will journey in the spirit to meet ancestral grandmothers of our lines. Through this connection, we will begin to heal our relationship to our bodies, our wild feminine souls, and the land. 

The Truth about Kundalini: Fiery Goddess Energy in YOU

Dr Kyra Mesich

Learn how to commune with Kundalini energy in a gentle, empowering way in this workshop.

Kundalini is an incredibly misunderstood and powerful cosmic, primordial energy. It is fiery Goddess energy whose home base is in your root chakra! When it is awakened, the energy travels up the spine. On its journey through the chakras, it can create a sudden increase in self-determination, psychic awareness, and sometimes a maelstrom of physical and emotional clearing, cleansing and healing crises.

Learn to consciously tap into this amazing energy to minimize potential healing emergencies and maximize its benefits to your life path. Kundalini is the Goddess energy of evolution, which wants you to live freely at your highest potential.

Class meditations may be done seated or lying down.