Deanna Reiter

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Deanna Reiter, MA, is a breathing coach who has helped individuals worldwide resolve personal issues through conscious breathing. She is a Rebirthing Breathworker, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi Instructor, a USA Track & Field Certified Running Coach and a Master Trainer for the National Exercise Trainers Association. She is the author of Qi Breathing: Ancient Practice for Modern Times, Dancing with Divinity: Positive Affirmations for Any Situation, The Nine Scoundrels: How to Recognize and Release Subtle Patterns of Sabotage, Running A to Z and How to Make More Money in the Fitness Industry. 

Breathing For Vitality

Qi Breathing is a powerful breathing technique that blends ancient practices and principles with a modern day twist. Become aware of the most basic function of life and use it to be fully alive. Breathe yourself away from anxiety, stress and pain and into a space of relaxation, peace, health and joy. Breathing properly is one of the best ways you can improve emotional and physical health, decrease stress and minimize aging. In this workshop, you’ll experience a 30-minute Qi Breathing practice and easy breathing exercises to incorporate into your life to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and to aid in weight loss and athletic performance.