Erin Pavlica

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Erin Pavlica is a connector and wears many hats as the co-founder of Zero Waste Saint Paul, a Community Activist, urban farmer, co-leader of a local community garden, serves on several community boards and environment committees.

Her spirituality practice is not rooted down one specific path, she has gleaned guidance along the way from multiple religions, and has always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth. Her two main spiritual practices at this time are Paganism and the Red Road. She believes we are all connected, through one source, one energy that binds us. And no matter what we each believe, respect should be given since we are individuals intertwined together. Erin as her BA in American Studies with an Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) Language focus. She always knew she wanted to be a mama so started her family shortly after that and ended up birthing all four of her babies naturally. She has received 3 City of Saint Paul Neighbourhood Honour Rolls, helped create the Charles Avenue Bikeway, and was a key player in getting Saint Paul’s Sustainable To-Go Packaging Ordinance passed. She eats and breathes waste reduction, and sustainability, and might just hug you if you come close enough.

Erin lives on her homestead in the Midway Neighbohood of Saint Paul with her husband, 4 children, and two cats.


Sustainable Connections- Low Impact living workshop 

Connection to the Earth, daily habits, and sustainability.

How do we walk through life in this modern world?  What does caring about the Earth look and feel like as we move through our days…in our careers….with our families?  How does what and how we consume impact our own lives, future generations and the environment?  

In this interactive workshop we’ll explore all aspects of sustainable living.  Whether you’re brand new to the concept of sustainability or you’ve been actively engaged in the process, we’ll meet you where you’re at and explore challenges and opportunities of living in harmony with the Earth.  We’ll explore the background of the Zero Waste Movement and intentional consumerism and explore the question, "how then shall we live?”

****Each woman will leave the class with a kit and empowered to intentionality form new sustainable habits to decrease waste while reconnecting with themselves, others, and the Earth.****