Whole Event + Camping

Camping on the Earth is a way to connect on another level to the rhythms of the nature. Camping at Afton State Park is beautiful, secluded, and quiet.

Nerd Alert: Modern research has actually shown that there is an exchange of ions when we’re close to the Earth. These ions act as anti-oxidants which have a number of health benefits.

Rates this Year (NEW!):

We’re experimenting with a new system this year. In attempt to make the event more accessible, we’ll be offering choose your rate pricing. Please reflect and choose a rate based on your financial needs and how it will impact the needs of the group.

Base: $345

Sustainer: $375 (reflects true expenses)

Supporter: $405 (helps to support a person with financial limitations)

For camping, there are 20 spaces available at each rate and once they are gone, no more spaces will open up at that particular rate.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the nature of the event, all sales are final. If you need to cancel, you may transfer your spot to another person OR transfer funds to another program with the School of Earth Medicine within 1 calendar year from date of purchase for a $25 processing fee. No transfers can be made after September 6th.

In the event of severe weather, park closure, natural disaster or other unforeseen unexpected event, we'll do our best to provide a safe, alternative option.